Summer sportsin Livigno

Horse rides

To discover the valley natural beauties and the more secluded and precious corners, the thrill of the adventure of a very special and exciting sport, the magic sound of the horse-drawn carriage bells immersed in nature.


A charming and noble sport to be played surrounded by nature.


In Livigno’s lakes and rivers you can fish the trout, the yellow trout, the grayling fish and the Artic char which all live in these pure and clean waters.

Summer skiing

In less than an hour drive from Livigno you can fulfil you desire of skiing even in summer on the Stelvio glacier, the largest summer ski area in the Alps.Stelvio Pass – Livrio glacier Altitude between 2,760 and 3450 m above sea level.Lifts: 2 cable cars and 6 sklifts.