Crediti fotografici

Pictures and logos are property of APT and can be used only following the conditions:
Copyrights of the pictures (as the name of it) have to be indicated in the publication close to the picture. Rights of productions are freely given only if the pictures are used with news, informations etc. concerning Livigno. In case of publications please advise us before and send us a copy of the publication.

The applicant engages himself to use the required material respecting:

  • the dimensions (proportion height/width)
  • the official pantone (use the original colours without modifying them)
  • the file integrity (it isn't possible to cut or erase parts of the file)
If the logo or the maps are used to realize a paper brochure, the applicant, before proceeding with the final print, has to send to the Tourist Office of Livigno a proof sheet of the formatted material, in order to receive a final authorization. Furthermore the logo Livigno Feel the Alps has always to be placed on the lower right side.